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Chiropratique Optimum Reviews

woman with arms outstretchedWhat Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic can assist you in making the right decision for your health care. Review a selection of Chiropratique Optimum patient reviews below and please contact us if you have any questions.

Dr. Steve Fitz, chiropractor

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Low Back »
“Having less low back pain, I’m able to play with my daughter more.”
-Christina Desgroseilliers

“I can practice sports again without having to worry about back pains the next day.”
– Charles David Wafer

“I feel like I am almost back to normal where I don’t have to worry if the next thing I pick up will throw my back out”
– Anne M Ouimet

“I now have less lower back pain and no more pain in my thighs and legs”
– Robert Hyndra

“I’m going to the gym again and no days’ work lost because of back pain”
– Fadi Habre

Sciatic Nerve »

“Working with Steve relieved all of my back pain and chronic sciatica. It has made me a better athlete and healthier/happier overall.”
– Michael Falls

“Sciatica controlled with regular maintenance.”
– Lynn Collard

Neck Pain/Headaches/Migraine »

“No more headaches! The neck pain is gone, so are the back pains and the dizziness. I also sleep better.”
– Diane Grise

“Rarely get sick. I don’t get headaches anymore & I have significantly reduced back pain.”
– Jen Royea

Well Being »

“I have experienced a sense of well being that I have not experienced for many years. I’m able to function with less medication. I have a balance in my life that has not been present since my youth.”
– Zenon Telishewsky

“I am able to function much better on a daily basis even basic daily tasks were difficult before. I am able to walk for longer periods, stand in one place more easily and even participate in a low-impact aerobics class. Pain free!”
– Gloria Schnieder

“Feel better, more positive, less impatient with my family”
– Sandra DeAngelis

Life is slowly becoming more enjoyable and hopefully longer starting to feel like a healthy “younger” person”
– Daryl Ballett

Sleep/Energy »
“Able to sleep normal & move about and perform physical activities.”
– Giovanni Terrigno

“I generally feel good about myself, I sleep better, I feel energized, peaceful, I’m more aware about posture and doing what’s right for me.”
– Ghislana Bortolloti

“Sleep prepares us for everyday life. As I sleep better I am better prepared for the day ahead that awaits me”
– Matthew Woods

“I went from a highly stressed, sad person to a healthy energetic and fairly happy one. And I’m medication free, no pills, no sprays”
– Maria Di Salvo

“I finally clearly understand what my problem is and gave me hope. I sleep better, play better with my kids, less depressed and less pain at work.”
– Danny Chevalier

“I am able to move more and do a lot of things. I sleep better. I am happier.”
– Kathleen Hughes

“I have regained my normal and boisterous levels of energy. My irritability has decreased considerably. I am also sleeping much better.”
– Christine Rushworth

Posture »

“My posture is much straighter”
– Marise Marques

“Posture awareness really changed how I understand my body”
– Jordan Wood

“My posture has improved, I am better equipped to handle stress and I get the rest I need for the next day”
– Jessica Levesque

Miscellaneous »

“Easier time getting out of bed in the morning. No longer have white spots on my nails. No longer need to tan face, blood circulation much better therefore gives complexion healthier glow.”
– Mina Campanelli

“I feel good! I look forward to the treatments because it gives me the feeling of taking care of me. I’m important! I also look forward to Dr. Fitz’s (chiropractor) advice.”
– Ghislana Bortolloti

“I can move my head from side to side and the pain & numbness is almost all gone. I could carry lightweight objects without getting tired or cry from pain”
– Angela Cipullo

“I never imagined that my physical body could improve. Now I see how I can improve and help myself.”
– Fabiola Metellus

“Less time complaining from pain, more free time for tasks, family etc.”
– Miltiadis Stavrinos

“When I first came to see Dr. Fitz, chiropractor I was in constant pain. Over the course of a few months he helped me get back to a place where pain is no longer a daily issue.”
– Annasara Geva

Shoulder »

“Shoulder pain is gone.”
– Frederick Arsenault

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